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Frequently Asked Questions

How do custom orders work?

Customs are currently closed!  If you want to be on the list for us to reach out to once we get clear, please email and we will take your order! 

We are always working on new batches of our Marshall and Gremlin models.  If you have a handle or sheath preference for one of those models, your custom order will take priority.  If you have a custom shape in mind, please email us at with your idea and we can let you know our options. Please keep in mind lead times for customs may vary, it could be 8-12 weeks depending on shipping and availability of materials.

Do you make custom sheaths?

Absolutely!  We can make a custom kydex sheath for a knife you already have, or if you see one of our knives but want a different color sheath we can make it happen.  We just need to have the knife in hand in order to press the sheath for you.  Prices vary based on blade length and mounting/carrying style.

How do you carry it?

Every knife includes 2 straps, and we have listed more colors if you would like an additional pair.  We offer other clips for different carrying styles as well, please reach out to us at if you have a specific idea in mind!

What if I am not completely satisfied with my order?

If you are not completely satisfied with your product please reach out to us ASAP, we will send you a full refund once the product has been shipped back and received by us.  If the product has been damaged or misused we will not offer a refund.

Do you make folding knives, damascus, railroad spikes, etc?

I hope to make my own damascus and folding knives someday soon!  We just started our 2nd year in business and just went full time making knives, but so far we have not had the resources/time to venture further into the hammering that damascus requires, or all of the moving parts and mechanics to make reliable folding knives.  As the business grows I look forward to the day I can make those things happen and I hope you will stick around to see it too!

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